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It’s our mission to help people build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and results that last. If you’ve tried a diet or program before that got you amazing results but you “fell off track” and lost your progress, that means it was not an effective approach for you. 

The Forever Fit Program Includes...

-Initial Bod Pod test and consultation (or phone consult if you are not located in Knoxville).

-Custom nutrition info including macros, sample days of eating, education, etc. all included in a 40+ page PDF delivered to you.

-Training plan customized to your goals in our app, where you can track your weights and view video demos for all exercises.

-Access to our Google Classroom where you can receive education on nutrition and training from Coaches Bridget and Stephen.

-Weekly online check-ins.

-Weekly emails and mindset work.

-Private Telegram group with Forever Fit clients & coaches. Here, you can check in with others, join the conversation, share and receive recipes, and be encouraged because you're not alone!

-Facebook group community with posts on nutrition, training, motivation, life hacks, etc.

-24/7 support and accountability.

-LASTING RESULTS. If you put in the work, we WILL help you get the results that you're after, no questions asked! 

What Forever Fit Clients are Saying...

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