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Coaches Bridget and Stephen have complimentary backgrounds and experience and combined have helped over 750 people lose weight, feel stronger, and take control of their nutrition.

Bridget started working at her dad's supplement store in 2015 and grew more and more interested in training and nutrition. She competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2017 and got her NASM certification the same year. She's since competed in 2 more bodybuilding competitions, 1 powerlifting meet, and now runs her own Eddie's Health Shoppe as well as her Forever Fit coaching business. She speaks from experience when helping individuals improve their relationship with food and find new strength fueled by great nutrition. 


Stephen is a teacher by trade. After serving in the U.S. Army as a Green Beret he obtained a university degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Personal Training. Taking the communication skills learned from his time in Special Operations, Stephen has worked in fitness facilities with clients ranging from teenagers to 55-year-olds and everyone in between. Now, he works alongside Bridget full-time as a Forever Fit Coach.


Tom Ballard at interviewed Stephen about Forever Fit Coaching as part of a series he does on Veterans in business. Click there to read the article and subscribe to his newsletter while you're at the website! It's a great way to stay current on business, technology, and entrepreneurship in Tennessee!

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