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Forever Fit

What is this?


A 90 day one on one program that actually works. Let me show you how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle and provide you with the motivation and accountability you need getting started.

What I do: 

What you do:

Give you all the tools you need to succeed: knowledge, a plan, accountability, and motivation.

Follow the plan and watch your health and life transform.

I want to work with people who are a good fit for my program. You don’t have to be perfect or know it all--if you did, you wouldn’t need me! You must be ready for change and improvement and willing to make a commitment to yourself. That’s really all it takes.

This is for individuals who:

This is NOT for individuals who:

-KNOW what their goals are but have been struggling to reach them on their own and need extra guidance or simply accountability.

-Want to improve their energy, confidence, and to feel great about their body.

-Have tried countless diets and routines and just want lasting results they can achieve while living a life that they love.

-Want to learn great habits that they can apply to their busy lifestyles and carry with them for the rest of their lives.

-Want to stop "guessing" what they need to do to reach their goals and instead follow a sound, proven plan and a process they can trust.

-Want easy, quick fixes.

-Are not ready to commit to being the best version of themselves. 

-Are not ready to take action, make changes, and take control of their health.


If you could look in the mirror every morning and love what you see.

If you could achieve your dream body while still eating the foods that you love.

If you could live your life with as much energy and self-confidence as possible, feeling great in and outside of the gym.

If you could apply all the wasted energy you spend stressing about your diet and training to your busy life.

The Results: They Speak for Themselves...


However, the transformations go FAR beyond the physical. 

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What's Included:

-Custom macros, nutrition knowledge, and sample days of eating based around the foods you already enjoy.

-Training program on PT Distinction--an awesome app where I program your workouts and you track each movement, weights used, etc. Say goodbye to the days of wandering around aimlessly at the gym, not sure about what to do next!

-Weekly check ins with me 

-Weekly mindset work

-Facebook community

-Resources created by me (lesson plans)


Interested but want to know more? Let's see if Forever Fit is the program for you and schedule a call. Send me an email at and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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