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About Us


Bridget and Stephen are both certified personal trainers with years of experience in building muscle, strength, and changing body composition. 

Bridget started working at her dad's supplement store in 2015 and grew more and more interested in training and nutrition. She competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2017 and got her NASM certification the same year. She's since competed in 2 more bodybuilding competitions, 1 powerlifting meet, and now runs her own Eddie's Health Shoppe as well as her Forever Fit coaching business. She has consulted with over 600 men & women and coached 150+ individuals to reach their health and fitness goals. It is her passion to teach people about their bodies and nutrition and to help them find a sustainable diet for long-term results. 



Stephen is a teacher by trade. After serving in the U.S. Army as a Green Beret he obtained a degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Personal Training and has since worked as a trainer and coach at Kybra Athletics and South Landing Fitness. He is also a certified nutrition coach, strength and conditioning coach, and corrective exercise specialist.

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